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We have been busy this winter!

This winter a few of us have been busy sorting out the bowling green. For a while now it has been very frustrating using the mowers up to the edges of the bowling green. It was very difficult to keep control of the heavy mowers whilst cutting the edge at an incline. So we decided to cut the edges back so that they were level. This would make it easier and quicker when cutting the grass.

All Steve Cresswell's handy work.
Edge and Backboards renewed at Brackley

This has meant the removal of all the old edging strips holding the greens borders. A large majority of these strips were rotten and so they were replaced with new ones.

New concrete on players entrance side

Concrete was poured and set where players enter the start position. This had deteriorated over a number of years and had become dangerous. The backing boards were also cracking and warped with age. These along with new holding posts were renewed. The edge of the green was also a problem when it came to mowing it. Due to the incline it was very tricky to keep the mower on the green and from damaging the backboards. So it was decided to remove 25cm allowing the mower easier passage along the edge.

Digging out the grass

The boards look a real mess. These were replaced with new fixing posts and treated boards.

Digging out the turf took a long time. Removal of the turf took even longer.

A lot of this work was carried out by Steve Cresswell. Many thanks to him and others who also helped out. Without these people this groundwork would never have been completed in time for the start of the 2019 season.

Almost finished boards to be fitted.

The edge of the green looks neat and tidy. It is also easier to maintain using the various machinery as they can now be used right up to the edge. Stones that were used as decoration have now been removed. These stones were one of the causes of the warping on the back boards. They would over time slip behind the boards pushing them out from the concrete edges.

Completed border

One of the completed edges only 3 more to go. Soil that was dug out was reused as a back fill between the flag stones and the new boards. The new boards have now been painted. All that is left is to paint the support posts around the ground.

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